The Ravens Have Landed

Jetty Ravin-42

“Parachute” was the magic word. As soon as Kristy Velesko of Kristy Velesko Photography mentioned that she’d be bringing her parachute to San Diego for our photo shoot, I knew things were going to get weird. And I was all about it!

I bought a new corset and some gold body paint. I came up with a super dramatic look for my hair and makeup. And when I met Kristy and Ryan Haringa, my devastatingly handsome and super sweet shoot partner, on the rocks at Mission Beach, I was ready.

We hiked out to an abandoned bait shack, channeled our inner villainy, made some jokes about fluffers and skirt wenches…

…and ladies and gentlemen, the ravens landed.

(All photos provided courtesy of Kristy Velesko Photography and are subject to copyright. The behind-the-scenes shots toward the end are not to be missed!)

Jetty Ravin-2Jetty Ravin-9Jetty Ravin-10Jetty Ravin-16Jetty Ravin-19Jetty Ravin-20Jetty Ravin-24Jetty Ravin-30Jetty Ravin-47Jetty Ravin-48Jetty Ravin-57Jetty Ravin-61Jetty Ravin-66Jetty Ravin-69Jetty Ravin-73Jetty Ravin-78

Jetty Ravin-37Jetty Ravin-29Jetty Ravin-27



Down By the Shore

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When I met Kristy of Kristy Velesko Photography at La Jolla Shores for a shoot a couple weeks ago, our session got off to a bit of a rough start. The dress Kristy had¬†ordered for me didn’t fit. She endured a bee sting on the bottom of her foot while we walked to our location – far, far, far down the shore, because the beach was crowded with recent college graduates and their celebrating families. And the June gloom we hoped would paint the beach with moody lighting wasn’t cooperating. It wasn’t cloudy and moody. It was bright and warm.

But even when things don’t go as planned, magic is possible. And magic is 100% what Kristy captured during our session. All we needed to turn this shoot out were a couple clips, some salt water, and lots of laughter.