To My Best Friend on Her Birthday

Biscuit 4

To the pup that makes me smile on a daily basis;

To the beast that sometimes wakes me with her dream-woofs and contented snores in the dark of night;

To my huntress extraordinaire—chaser of cats and squirrels;Biscuit 1

To the sweetheart who, for the three years before I met Bryan, snuggled with me when I got home from bad dates;

To the pup who is always foraging and acts like I don’t feed her;

To the dog who simply wants to run full throttle through grassy parks and windows of sunlight, and that would be enough;

To the pup who used to chase her tail, but stopped after she caught it, because hey, she conquered it;

To the girl who sits in the most unladylike of positions and who burps and farts whenever she pleases (we now consider these outbursts signs of affection);

To the pupper who snuggles with her Wookie sweater like it’s a real-life Wookie;

To the best judge of character I know (Biscuit never liked any of the boys I brought home until Bryan walked through the door, and she promptly climbed into his lap on the couch, literally the first night he came over);

Biscuit 2To the girl who reminds me how important it is to run and play;

To our morning alarm clock, who wakes us up by honking like a goose;

To the dog with the most expressive ears and everlasting eyeliner;

To the girl with the best and brightest smile I know;

To the best damn cuddle-bug this side of the Mississippi;


To the pup who’s taught me everything I know about unconditional love;

To the girl who can never get enough ear scratches;

To someone who loves peanut butter just as much as I do;

To the one in my life who always has a big kiss for me;

To the pup who is showing me how to age with gusto and grace – enjoy your food, get outside, take long naps, sunbathe, take it all in, love deeply, embrace every chance you get to play, and most importantly, pants are overrated;

Biscuit 3To the girl who always knows when I’m not feeling well and makes a point to stay glued by my side;

To the exasperating ball of fur who eats grass to spite me when I won’t let her chase anything that moves during our walks;

To the girl who’s expanded my heart in ways I couldn’t imagine;

To the pup who chose me as much as I chose her;

Who saved me as much as I saved her;

To my best friend, Biscuit, on her eighth birthday: I love you, now and always.


My (Hot)Dog is Famous!!!

Biscuit Love

That’s right! My pup, Biscuit, is officially the face of Short Leash Hotdogs for this week. She’s a star…or at least a really tasty treat! Okay that sounded weird. This isn’t China. Let’s back it up.

Brad and Kat, the owners of Short Leash Hotdogs, started serving Phoenix foodies out of a food truck with the hopes that their love for man’s best friend, local ingredients, and great food would blossom into a thriving business.

And it has. Any time I’ve been to an event where food trucks are involved, Short Leash is always there…and there’s always a line.

Because how can you say “no” to a twist on a classic American comfort food…or really anything topped with bacon, which happens frequently at this particular food truck. All of their dogs are served not in a bun, but wrapped in fresh naan, and you’ll find ingredients like Swiss cheese, pinto beans, arugala, mango chutney, and peanut butter on these dogs.

Flavor explosion – yes! Check our their amazing menu!

And on top of that, they make Short Leash a personal experience by naming each of their hotdogs after their friend’s and family’s furry better halves. Oliver and Igby, two “dogs” on the menu, are Kat and Brad’s two dogs at home.

They invite Short Leash fans to send in pictures of their dogs to inspire their “Feature Dogs of the Week”…which is how the Biscuit was born.

This week, the Biscuit is your choice of hotdog (they have regular, spicy beer hot, beef, chicken, and veggie weiners) wrapped in naan and topped with fried green tomatoes, bacon, iceburg lettuce, and bleu cheese…and for their extended menu at Sit…Stay on Friday night, they’ll be serving sliders on–what else!–biscuits in my pup’s honor!

I’m so excited that my favorite face in world inspired Brad and Kat this week. I’m so excited that this lovable, quirky, spastic love of an animal came into my life.

And you best believe I’m excited to try the Biscuit this week!