Published Works

Coming Soon!

“The Remnants” – The Sirens Call eZine – Issue 50

“An Accidental Exorcism” – Harvest Anthology – Blood Song Books

“Happy Meal” – Trembling with Fear – The Horror Tree

“I’ve Got a Soul to Catch” – Horror for the Throne: One-Sitting Reads – Fantastic Books


“Luck Be a Lady” – Scary Snippets Easter Edition – Nocturnal Sirens Publishing

“Under a Switchblade Moon” – The Devil’s Doorbell – An Anthology of Dark Romance – Hellbound Books

“Academic Excellence” – Amongst Friends – An Anthology Benefiting New South Wales Fire Relief – Gypsum Sound Tales
Variant cover!

“My Love, in Pieces” – The NoSleep Podcast – Season 13: Episode 21

“New Arrangements” – The Sirens Call eZine – Issue 47 – Deeds Most Foul and Unnatural

“Moonshine” – The Flash Fiction Podcast – Manawaker Studio

“Shock to the System” – The Divine Five: Dawn – Edited by Timothy Pulo

“Bury ‘Em Deep” – The Sirens Call eZine – Issue 43 – Women in Horror Month 10 Edition

“Bad Vibrations” – The Toasted Cake podcast

“Unspoken Words” – Christmas Lites VII, a Christmas-themed anthology benefiting the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

“All That Glitters” – Trembling with Fear: Christmas 2018 Edition

“Anything but Plain” – Giftmas 2018 Advent Anthology, benefiting the Edmonton Food Bank

“I’ve Got a Soul to Catch” – Thuggish Itch: Devilish – Gypsum Sound Press

“My Love, In Pieces” – Quoth the Raven anthology – Camden Park Press

“Interrupted Play” – 101 Words

“Cheers” – Chronos: An Anthology of Time Drabbles

“Survival” – Drabbledark: An Anthology of Dark Drabbles

“No Vacancy” – Fabula Argentea – Issue #24

“Bury ‘Em Deep” – Unwanted Visitors by Inwood Indiana

“A Taste of Revolution” – RAVENOUS – Pen and Kink Publishing

“He Smelled Like Smoke” – Ink Stains: Volume 5 by Dark Alley Press

“It’s in Her Kiss” – After the Happily Ever After by Transmundane Press

“Bad Moonlight” – Lupine Lunes by Popcorn Press

“Now You See Me” – After Lines by Erebus Press

“Catch and Release” – Electric Spec

“We Share Everything” – Liars’ League NYC – Magic & Moonlight

“Devour” – Christmas Lites V, a holiday anthology benefiting the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

“Something Black” – Zen of the Dead by Popcorn Press

“Give It Back: A Horror Short” – Amazon

“They Took Her” – Desert Bus by Line by Lion Publications

“Spin: A Novelette” – Amazon

“Take Care” – Shooter Literary Magazine: Issue 1

“Blood Melody” – Black Denim Lit

“Invidia” – Penduline Press

“The Promise” – Jitter #6 by Jitter Press

“No Ice Cream,” “The Remnants,” and “Bring the Llama” – Ironology 2015


“Shapeless” – Under the Gum Tree – January 2017

Interviews and Guest Posts

Ask the Author: A Q&A with Tiffany Michelle Brown – Author Sonora Taylor’s blog

Author Interview – Tiffany Michelle Brown – Poseidon’s Scribe, Steven R. Southard’s blog

From Fairy Tale Retelling to Romantic Bloodbath – Pen and Kink Publishing blog

Meet the Author: Tiffany Michelle Brown – Under the Gum Tree blog

SPIN: A dark, twisted time travel novelette by Tiffany Michelle Brown – Sara Dobie Bauer’s blog


“A New Breed of Human” – Ignite Phoenix #12

“Little Red” – Video by Minkmade on Vimeo


“Breathe Me” – Sia cover – featuring Nathan Rosswog

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