It Takes Two

Tiffany and Nicole LP-22

So, every bride-to-be does a vintage fashion water nymph photo shoot with their maid of honor, right?

A few weeks ago, while Nikki and I were back in Phoenix for my bridal shower, we synced up with my good friend and bad-ass photographer Kristy of Kristy Velesko Photography for a photo shoot. Nikki and I braved water spiders, sinking mud (seriously, we were shin-deep at times!), the Arizona sun, and the fishes of Lake Pleasant to channel our inner mermaids.

And I think the resulting images are pretty spectacular, which is fitting since our friendship is, too!

Tiffany and Nicole LP-1Tiffany and Nicole LP-4Tiffany and Nicole LP-9Tiffany and Nicole LP-11Tiffany and Nicole LP-12Tiffany and Nicole LP-14Tiffany and Nicole LP-20

Tiffany and Nicole LP-21Tiffany and Nicole LP-23Tiffany and Nicole LP-25Tiffany and Nicole LP-26Tiffany and Nicole LP-33Tiffany and Nicole LP-37Tiffany and Nicole LP-40


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