Lessons From the Deep End

You guys, modeling underwater is really, really hard…but it’s also hilarious and completely worth the constant cardio workout and inevitable water up your nose. Here’s what I learned during my two-hour foray into the deep (end of a pool):

1. You gotta shoot with a cool crew. Underwater modeling is awkward as hell. Unnerving. Sometimes uncomfortable. But if you have people working with you who are willing to crack inappropriate jokes and play with kung fu poses (see below), the frustration of fighting buoyancy and billowy costuming and hair in the face will seem trivial. (A huge shout out to Kristy Velesko of Kristy Velesko Photography and my studly merman, Ryan Haringa, for being rad partners in crime during this shoot!)

2. For photographers, weight belts are wonderful. For Kristy, they helped her get into position and stabilize her camera those precious milliseconds before Ryan and I hit our mark.

3. Chlorinated water makes me burp.

4. You have to find the light. Water bends sunrays in strange (and gorgeous)  ways, and it’s easy to get lost in the shadows. Just like modeling on land, you gotta know your angles and find the light.

5. The shoot was way more exhausting than I anticipated. Sure, I knew it would be somewhat strenuous, but I can’t remember the last time I had to tread water for extended periods of time. Holy cardio, Batman! (Of course, Ryan was a show-off and went to the gym after our shoot, while I went home to eat a huge dinner and pass out.)

6. Relaxing your face is difficult but essential. There are a few pictures from this session (not included) where I straight up look like a wet chipmunk. Not cute. You have to learn how to hold your breath…without looking like you’re holding your breath. Which is difficult and something I need to work on.

7. The majority of our shots were unusable, but when we found those still, beautiful moments, they were magic. Observe…

Photos courtesy of Kristy Velesko Photography. All rights reserved.

5 thoughts on “Lessons From the Deep End

  1. I was going to comment “best work ever”, but all of your shots are so flawless, just like the soul that you are. How fun, challenging and rewarding for you! Thank you for sharing!

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