Read “They Took Her” in the Desert Bus Anthology by Line by Lion Publications

Desert Bus

I enjoy taking seemingly mundane concepts and turning them into magical, mythical, weird things on paper. When Line by Lion Publications put a call out last year for stories for a Desert Bus anthology, and the only criteria was that it followed a character aboard a bus going through the desert, I was all in. My mind went crazy with ideas of who I would put on this bus, and why.

I decided early on I didn’t want to write a runaway story. And I didn’t want to put a serial killer on board who would cause the bus to crash (although that would be fun). I wanted to create a truly complex character that was haunted by something and traveling for a compelling reason. I wanted it to be eerie, but not full-out horror.

So, I decided to write an alien abduction story.

“They Took Her” is a tale about a little girl with a fascination for the cosmos, a startling disappearance, and a father’s obsession to discover the truth and piece his family back together. It’s creepy and devastating, and I wrote it while listening to an X-Files Pandora station. It includes unsettling imagery and an ending that I’m exceptionally proud to have written.

Of course, “They Took Her” isn’t the only passenger aboard. The Desert Bus anthology includes nine twisted tales of characters sharing space and hiding secrets:

“The bus trundled through the desert like a strange, steel beetle. Dusty and decrepit, rust holding its many parts together, it relentlessly chewed up the miles as it wound its way through the dunes. Once an hour it would stop, air brakes screeching with a sound emanating from Hell itself as the beast shuddered to a halt. Nothing much would happen other than the passengers glancing nervously around at one another, watching to see who would venture out into such a waste, the bus belching poisonous enveloping fumes into the hot, dry oven of a desert. Sometimes someone would dare to either climb aboard or disembark. Usually of their own accord. The bus was…unusual, but its passengers were stranger still. Male and female, young and old, each guarding a secret. A secret they would die for. A secret they would kill for. Do you have the courage to board the Desert Bus?”

Order your copy today – if you dare. Public transportation is always an adventure.


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