Under the Boardwalk

Tiffany PB Pier-4

When my good friend, Kristy Velesko of Kristy Velesko Photography, mentioned she’d be in San Diego to photograph a wedding and asked if I might want to squeeze in a shoot in a vintage dress with a vintage camera, my response was, “Um, where do I need to be and when?”

On a Friday afternoon, Kristy and I went down to the pier on Pacific Beach. I was in a mint green dress that was a dream right out of Mad Men (which I’ve been binge watching) and Kristy was armed with a Yashica Mat EM (circa 1964) she bought off Ebay. She shot on Kodak Portra 400 Film.

Since we both only have experience with digital photography, neither of us really knew what to expect. We didn’t get to preview anything, and when we were out of film, the shoot was over. Luckily, the results are magical. And it’s really cool to be able to say that this is 100% me, no editing, no Photoshop, nothing but me under the boardwalk in the sea. Enjoy.

All images subject to copyright – published courtesy of Kristy Velesko Photography.

Tiffany PB Pier-6

Tiffany PB Pier-7

Tiffany PB Pier-9

Tiffany PB Pier-10

Tiffany PB Pier-14

Tiffany PB Pier-18

Tiffany PB Pier-19


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