Read “Blood Melody” in Black Denim Lit


Today is a momentous day for two reasons: 1) My short story “Blood Melody” has been published in the latest issue of Black Denim Lit; and 2) they paid me for it, which is a first! You better believe there will be champagne and cheesecake tonight (my tradition of indulgence when I’m published).

Money is a milestone for any writer and it took me a while to get here, but not for lack of writing or producing work. Rather, I had to recognize the worth of my work. When you do something you love, you often just want it to be out there. You’ll do it for free simply for exposure and publicity. But once you’ve honed your craft and you start to realize how much time, effort, and passion you put into it, you start to hope that someone will pay you for it.

Of course, that’s when insecurity rears its ugly head. Will someone really pay me for this? I mean, I think it’s good, but…And how much do I deserve? That’s the worst part–putting a price tag on your work.

But it’s also the most important part. Not necessarily the price tag, but the part where you realize your work is worth something. Once you get there, it gets a lot easier.

Now, I’m proud to say I won’t settle for publishing my work for free, because it’s so important to me. And I want my work to be recognized. My imagination, my work, my craft, all of it–is worth it.

“Blood Melody” is worth it. It’s about a hungry siren, a ship at the wrong place at the wrong time, and the thin line between humanity and animal instinct. Hop on over to Black Denim Lit’s website to read the stories or download the issue to your e-reader–for free!



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