A Girl Who Reads

I had quite the moment this weekend. After putting some cupcakes in the oven to bake, I took a break and checked my Facebook. I found the following video posted on my wall by my boyfriend. Being a man of few words, his message to me simply read, “A perspective I share ;)”

And really, that’s all he said to say, because the video did the talking for him. It’s not a long video. It’s only 2:30. But it was long enough to make me laugh, cry, and smile.

Sometimes, it’s just really nice to hear that there are guys out there who look for intelligence and wit in women despite a culture that (sadly) thrives on unattainable ideas of beauty. It’s nice to know that nerdy girls are appreciated. It’s nice to have a passion of mine validated. And it’s nice to know that my guy admires my body and my brains—and not necessarily in that order. 



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