Paint. Sip. Sip Some More. Repeat!

painting studio

Today is a very special day. And that’s because two great friends of mine, Samantha and Shoral, are officially opening their very own paint and sip studio, Pinot’s Palette, to the public. Because I have an in (and maybe because I’m extra awesome), my boyfriend and I were invited to their soft opening about a week ago. Last night, my boyfriend held up our flyer for Pinot’s Palette and said that we should really go back sometime soon.

My response? Don’t tempt me with a good time!

Because it is a good time. And there’s something special about Samantha and Shoral’s business. Okay, there are many special things about this studio, and I’m not just saying this because they are good friends of mine.

Let me level with ya. If I don’t think something kicks ass, I don’t promote it – even if it’s something the people I love are doing. For example, if my boyfriend’s band wasn’t amazeballs, I would not be doing choreography for them and I would not invite my friends to their shows. Lucky for me, that’s not my reality. And that’s not the reality of Pinot’s Palette. Because it’s amazing.

Here are eight reasons why it rocks (because I couldn’t stick with just five):

1.  Samantha and Shoral have fabulous energy, which means they attract people with fabulous energy. I know paint and sips are all the rage right now, but have you ever been to a paint and sip studio where a belly dancer busted out a full-on routine mid-lesson? Or where all the artists teaching you took a break to do The Electric Slide? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

2.  They have qualified artists teaching you how to paint. All of the instructors last weekend seemed to have art degrees or some sort of background in painting. They are legit. And since they are legit, they are also a little kooky and eccentric.

My masterpiece from last weekend!

My masterpiece from last weekend!

3.  Um, liquor. And this studio isn’t shy about it. It’s not like, “Okay, everyone, enjoy a single glass of wine.” It’s more like, “If you think your painting sucks, you haven’t had enough to drink. Courage, patrons, liquid courage!!!” I’m pretty sure most great painters were also alcoholics…

4.  Pinot’s Palette’s soundtrack is hilarious and wonderful. I’m pretty sure we listened to half of a Backstreet Boys album while we were there. And don’t get it twisted – everyone was singing along. But don’t worry, it isn’t just boy band classics. They play everything. And it’s fun music, which puts you in a good mood.

5.  It’s a perfect date night. Or bachelorette party. Or birthday party. If you want to try something different than going out to a bar and getting trashed, try a painting party. You’re encouraged to explore creativity, which we don’t do often enough in adulthood. You might surprise yourself with how much you miss those elementary school “specials.”

6.  A little nervous about painting publicly? Here’s the thing. You don’t need to be Van Gogh to do this. The instructors walk you through each step of the painting so that it seems easy. Brush stroke by brush stroke, your painting comes together. And it’s a pretty cool sense of accomplishment when it’s finished.

7.  It’s not just about them. Each month, Pinot’s Palette chooses a charity recipient and a portion of the proceeds from specific painting sessions will go toward that charity. This month, their beneficiary is Sounds of Autism. Next month, I know they are supporting a cause that is fighting the fight against breast cancer. Keep an eye on their website to track which causes they are supporting each month. Wine. Art. Good karma. Nothing better.

8.  I saved the best for last. There is a Gong of Awesome. You are encouraged to ring the gong on your way out if you had fun painting and sipping…or if you made your canvas your bitch.

Kids, check out Pinot’s Palette. Sign up for a class today! And show ’em some love on Facebook.

Remember, my friends, paint, sip, sip some more, and repeat!


2 thoughts on “Paint. Sip. Sip Some More. Repeat!

  1. That is so cool that you know the people that started this. It is right next to my school – I noticed it when I went for lunch at Pita Jungle awhile back. I’ve been to the Art of Merlot in Scottsdale, and just had a blast. I will have to check out this one as well.

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