I’m With the Band

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Since being introduced to local band Medicine Tent, I’ve been a grade-A groupie. I carry amps to and from gigs. I go to nearly every show. I try to get people off their asses and on the dance floor during their sets. And I may or may not be in an illicit relationship with the saxophone player. Musicians are my kryptonite. I know this and I embrace him…er, it. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m taking my groupie love to another level – because the band has decided to take their show to another level. You are reading the blog of the official choreographer for the Medicine Tent stage show! That’s right; the band has decided to stack their sets with backup dancers! We’re full on fly girls for Phoenix’s most danceable band. 

Photo by Soulinh Khaivilay. All rights reserved.

Photo by Soulinh Khaivilay. All rights reserved.

Our first gig avec danseurs was at Last Exit Live on July 25th. My girl Laci and I got decked out in fire engine red, threw on some sassy lipstick, rolled up our fishnet stockings, and took to the dance floor as the first strains of “If You Like to Party” began.  And that’s when the magic happened. You know how a lot of times it just takes one overzealous dancer on a dance floor to start a party? Well, when there are two overzealous dancers, all hell breaks loose – and the party just keeps going. 

The dance floor broke out in a fever. Laci and I had everyone doing “The Big Wiggle” like they’d been doing it their whole lives. (What is “The Big Wiggle” you ask? You’re gonna have to come to a gig to find out!) I had the lead singer of Bethany Heights step-touching and hip rolling with me. Laci and I got complete strangers to bust a move with us. 

At the end of the set, I was sweaty and giddy – and so was the audience. We could all feel it. We’d just done something great. 

And it’s greatness YOU should come out to experience! Come shimmy with us!

Medicine Tent will be playing: 

*August 16th – Sail Inn – 9 pm

August 22nd – Joe’s Grotto – 11 pm

August 24th – RAW artist’s showcase at Monarch Theater – Purchase tickets

September 17th – Last Exit Live – 8:30 pm

October 6th – Burlesque for Boobies at Alice Cooperstown – 1 pm

And chances are good they will continue to book more and more amazing shows! Stay up to date on all things Medicine Tent by visiting their Sound Cloud, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.

Hope to shake it with you soon!

*As a disclaimer, there will not be backup dancers at this gig. I know, sad face!


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