Crushworthy: Macklemore

Photo by flickr user "thecomeupshow."

Photo by flickr user “thecomeupshow.”

Chances are good you’ve heard “Thrift Shop”—or maybe “Same Love”—or “Can’t Hold Us,” recent hits by dynamic duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis that are hitting the airwaves pretty hard.

Chances are good you’ve seen them on Ellen DeGeneres (if you watch that show or have YouTube-stalked Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s live performances).

Chances are good that if you’re female (or just happen to like boys), you and I have come to the same conclusion. Macklemore is adorable, right? Crushworthy even.

Believe you me, I was surprised at first.

But as I started to think about it more and more, the evidence kept piling up. Yep, Macklemore is crushworthy. And here’s why:

He uses his words. Well, that’s a given, right? Any well-known MC should know how to write and deliver a line—or 50. But it’s the way Macklemore uses language that makes me all toasty inside. In a day and age when so many rappers simply want to brag about their hoes and cars and mansions, Macklemore tackles addiction, positivity, humor, and equality. He uses his talent to say something, to take a stand—which is the way hip hop should be. His public support of gay marriage in “Same Love” is revolutionary given homophobia runs rampant within the hip hop community. People who have a distinct voice and know how best to leverage that voice are sexy as hell.

Two words: ginger mohawk. You can’t tell me you don’t love that hair. It’s like he said, “You know, you never see redheaded dudes with mohawks—so I’ll be the first one.” Love it.

Anyone who can don a Batman onesie in a music video and look adorable instead of ridiculous gets my vote. Not gonna lie, I laughed my ass off when I saw the “Thrift Shop” music video for the first time. And I laughed the loudest when Macklemore was singing about onesies and decided to put one on. Now, most people would look like utter fools in a getup like that, but somehow Macklemore retains some boyish charm—and it makes me want to bust out a onesie and shamelessly dance around with him. Gotta love people in the hip hop industry who don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s okay to make a song for fun and to make people laugh. (Onesie time starts at 2:24, my friends!)

Unsigned talent. Well, okay, due to the crazy success of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s recent hits, they’ve been picked up by The Agency Group. But before then, one mix tape, three EPs, two albums, and no record label. They are the first duo to have two singles (“Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us”) hit #1 without the backing of a record company in about two decades. There’s something nice about hearing about artists who work to realize their dreams without getting sucked into the industry. It makes you believe in their passion and that they’ll fight for what matters—regardless of what a record exec may say.

He’s a giver. People who give of their time and talent in order to influence, inspire, and help others will always claim a soft spot in my heart. Early on, Macklemore knew he wanted to reach out to and influence younger generations. In college, he facilitated music workshops through a program called “Gateways for Incarcerated Youth,” which focused on education and cultural identity. Proceeds from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s single “My Oh My” benefited the Rainer Vista Boys and Girls Club. He talks the talk and walks the walk.

So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen. Those are the reasons I find Macklemore unequivocally crushworthy.

What do you think? Am I way off base? Do you think he’s adorable? Do you have more proof? I want to know!

Photo licensing – thecomeupshow


2 thoughts on “Crushworthy: Macklemore

  1. Totally crushworthy! I had never seen the video until just now. Adorable- I knew I liked him for a reason. 🙂

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