How to be a Hipster Snow White in 10 Easy Steps

1. It’s all about the argyle. If it clashes with the bright, primary colors of your dress, even better.

2. Drink lots of fair trade coffee with agave nectar. A princess has a busy schedule and needs to caffeinated, natural, and socially conscious all at once.

3. Princes on horses are so yesteryear. Now, if he rides up on a bike sporting a handlebar mustache, DING DING DING!

4. Twitter is much more practical than talking to birds.

5. Ditch the apples. Clearly, they aren’t good for you. Pick up mangoes, dates, or pomegranates instead.

6. Even if that cute, scruffy drummer in that hip indie band is doing a good job of wooing you, act disinterested. Fake death even. That’s how he’ll know you’re cool and totally into him.

7. Learn how to play acoustic guitar. Yes, the singing is great, but pick up an instrument already.

8. Feel free to hang out with seven dudes. That way, you’ll have one to get chamomile tea with each day of the week!

9. Put on some glasses even if you have perfect vision. It’s a fashion statement.

10. Roll your eyes at all the other “normal” princesses. They just don’t get it.


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